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ClickerTastic Training Methods

If you happen to come to any event run by ClickerTastic Training School, I will promise:


1) To teach you to train your dog without having to HURT, SCARE or INTIMIDATE your dog


2) To try and ensure you are both having as much fun as possible, even for any of the 'boring stuff'


3) To make you feel that you can approach me even if you feel you 'have a silly question' without feeling stupid or embarrassed, as most likely it isn't silly but perfectly valid!


If your dog needs space to learn/is nervous please let me know - I will do my best to acommodate you within a class environment so long as you feel confident in how to manage your dog in a small class enviroment in a positive and constructive way.


If you feel this could be an issue, I highly recommend doing at least one 'one to one' session first. This is to ensure that classes remain a stress free and fun enviroment for both of you :)


Training is a journey that requires teamwork. Follow #betsybootheamazingukfrisbeedog to see ours :)





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