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I am Betsy! I am a four year old Border Collie x Working Type Labrador and I love being crazy and doing cool stunts with my human. I am fuelled by Natures Menu and proudly sponsored by Frisbe Escape. 

Me and Ruby are currently the UKs Only Active Disc Dog Team, and as a result I get to show off my amazing moves at loads of exciting events to spread the love of Disc Dog! 

I have featured on ITV, Channel 4, Talent Hounds, BBC Radio and DogTube. 


We have also done promotional work for Hurrta, Natures Menu, DogSTREAMZ and Chuckit. 

I know over 400 behaviours, am comfortable going to marks of many shapes and sizes and can work at a distance. I have incredible stamina and don't mind working alongside other dogs that I have got to know, as long as they are polite! I am not phased by busy environments and studios and can work around heavy distraction. 

 Phone 07480 096996 to find out more.  

Past Appearences

Future appearences

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