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How ClickerTastic was born

ClickerTastic was mostly born out of my own frustration with the lack of modern, accessible dog sport clubs within walking distance of Leamington Spa with small class sizes, for my own three year old Border Collie x Labrador 'Betsy'. 


I was also frustrated that these classes did not reflect the conditions of 'the real world' and once basic obedience classes were finished, very few clubs came up with anything on offer. The ones that did had waiting lists spanning from six months to a year and a half.


In October 2015 I also attended ClickerExpo UK (A Karen Pryor Academy Conference)  at Chesford Grange where both me and Betsy attended as part of 350 trainers worldwide from 20 different countries. This involved taking part and attending lectures over three full day lead by some of the most world class trainers and behaviourists such as Emily Larlham (Kikopup on YouTube), Michele Pouliot, Ken Ramairze, Kay Laurence, Kathy Sadao amongst many others. We also bumped into Dr Emily Blackwell from C4's Dogs:Their Secret Lives! 


We utterly loved the supportive, nurturing and passionate atmosphere of the event, which ignited me even more to create a dog training school with a difference -  my dream is to imagine ClickerTastic classes as the doggy 'hub' of the Leamington Spa community, and allow people to make like minded friends in the local area that want to have fun with their dog! 


Our own personal achievements include:


  • I have recently been offered FULL MEMBERSHIP with the IMDT​

  • Betsy is Film/TV Trained and has been working with a Film/Production company on a project that is due to be released nationwide early next year on British TV.

  • ClickerTastic Dog Training is currently being supported by the Princes Trust

  • I was approached by Guide Dogs for the Blind and was honoured to be asked to hold both one to one sessions, and group workshops for a 8 week 'Clicker Bootcamp'. This was for Guide Dog Trainers and Dog Care and Welfare Staff.

  • But I wouldn't of got this amazing opportunity and got to work with such incredible people and dogs hadn't it been for my own amazing pup Bets - she is a very social media savvy pup and has amassed over 40,000 total YouTube views ;)

  • We were also asked to perform at both Guide Dogs and Cancer Research 2015 fun days

  • Over the last year I have been volunteering at Southam Dog Training Club, in the Foundation and Bronze Canine Good Citizen Classes. I have also run two ClickerTastic Training Days for SDTC Members.

  • Betsy has been a UK SuperDogs 'Most Talented Dog' Semi Finalist four times in the row, coming second last year at the 2014 National Pet Show.

  • She has performed at the London ExCel Centre, Birmingham NEC and Earls Court for the London and National Pet Show.

  • As part of the above, she was also part of a display team for 'Hill's School for Dogs' Obedience and Trick displays.

  • I have also attended a shaping workshop by the fabulous Heather Smith

  • She also holds her CGC Puppy Foundation and Bronze Awards (We wanted to go higher but see above ;) )

  • We also compete in agility and have also dabbled in freestyle, rally and obedience, but we REALLY want Disc Dog to take off in the UK!

  •  I am liasing with UpDog Challenge USA to have the sport officially recognised in the UK, and as far as we know we are the only club that will be offering classes and events in line with official regulations in the near future in the whole of the UK.

  • In 2013, Betsy was also a Crufts Factor Runner Up at only 8 months old, however although we were not semi finalists, she did win us free tickets :)



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